Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I am very impressed and look forward to implementing his pedals into Chesney’s live shows.

Zeke Clark
Guitar Tech, Kenny Chesney

Ryan’s ear and the sound he is developing for his brand is right on the money.  Especially for the next generation of guitar players who are returning to their English and blues roots.  That sound is what caught my ear.

Benjamin Schultz
Conducteur et un peintre d’audio

I am stoked to be working with RJM Effects!
Their custom made pedals are AMAZING!

Chris Reynante
Guitarist, The Adolescent Theory

As far as communication goes, Ryan is awesome. Very easy to work with and makes sure he’s getting you exactly what you need. All in all, this pedal (‘E’ Overdrive) is nothing short of amazing and I would recommend RJ-M Effects to anyone interested in great sounding pedals at a great price!

Robert Allen

I am VERY pleased with your work! You are obviously someone who cares about your work and it shows in the final product.

@Betteriz1day via The Gear Page

I sure am groovin’ with my new ‘E’ overdrive! It makes me feel like I’m playing like 50 years ago!!! Far out man, this is too cool!

Doyle G.

Just wanted to say thanks for a killer pedal! My ‘E’ has become a mainstay on my board. It has more crunch and clarity than the real one I had years ago. You listened to everything I wanted, including my choice of chip (socketed, too), LED color, knob configuration, etc., and built me a keeper. Fastest turnaround for a custom build I’ve ever experienced. Won’t hesitate to explore more of your offerings in the future!

New Jersey, @Flying V 83 via The Gear Page

Received the pedal (Meathead Fuzz Clone) today. It’s a very nice fuzz, that’s for sure. I have a DAM Meathead M-13 to compare it to and it is pretty darn close. It actually sounds closer to the DAM on the dark setting on the toggle switch. It seems to thicken up nicely on that setting. The DAM has a bit more of a rough ‘bark’ to it but other than that they’re damn near identical. Anyhow, very happy mate. Thanks for shipping it over to me!

Australia, @freddy_von via The Gear Page

That meathead clone is really something special. If you can sell that to the right TGPer, you are going to be making 20 of those things a week in no time. I’m SERIOUS! That is a really special pedal. Very dynamic! It really feels alive!

Matt L.

Very impressed, man!  This thing sounds GREAT!  A very pleasant overdrive to play.  Made me want to keep noodling around for quite a while.  Rock on!

Jerry M.
Custom Pedal & Amp Designer, Satyrnine