Run Rabbit Run Vibe

Run Rabbit Run VibeThe Run Rabbit Run Vibe design emulates all of the classic sounds of the vintage Uni-Vibe TM pedal but incorporates a new and wide palate of sounds with ease of use for the gigging musician. From classic rock, to new genres of music, this pedal truly covers a vast sonic territory. The Run Rabbit Run Vibe is equally at home in a rig crafted for vintage tone, a rig designed for modern tones, or anywhere between those two extremes.


Designed to augment your current rigs tone, the Run Rabbit Run Vibe is a classic, four stage phaser, chorus and vibrato circuit which produces everything from faint rotating speaker simulation to extreme octave/synth sounds that can be “tuned” to the note that you are playing. The classic controls of DEPTH (wet signal), SPEED (rate) and a footswitch to select between VIBRATO and CHORUS are just the beginning of this pedal’s new and utilitarian design. Added and unique features include the CRAZY (doubles the rate of the modulation) footswitch to go between normal operations to ring mod/octave/synth features. The THUMP (three-way toggle switch) allows you to add low end response when turning down the DEPTH knob. Adding this feature was the result of listening to feedback from customers and creating a feature unavailable with vibe pedals currently on the market.
The SPEED knob was made to be accessible with your foot quickly during live performances with the positioning and oversized knob.

The Run Rabbit Run Vibe is made for anyone that wants a highly functional vibe style pedal, in their rig, that is much more than a one-trick pony. The Run Rabbit Run Vibe is equally suited for squeezing out those lush, warm, vintage vibe tones (think Jimi Hendrix’s “Machine Gun”) as it is at producing the more obscure, but equally pleasing modern tones.

Introduction Video:

In-Depth Video:


Neutrik Jacks

Power: Negative center 2.1mm standard 9V power supply.

LED’s: Indicate the selected effect (Vibrato/Chorus) along with a rate LED to show the speed of the effect even when in bypass mode.

Four-Stage Phaser: With each stage individually isolated for a full and lush sweep.

Depth: Increases/decreases the wet/dry signal of effect.

Speed: Affects the rate of the selected effect. Easy access allows for adjustments to be made with your foot while on the floor.

Thump: Will add low end to the output of the effect when rolling back the DEPTH knob keeping the fullness of the modulation and not sounding “thin”.

Crazy Footswitch: Footswitch that allows you to double the speed of the modulation going from a normal operation to a whole new level of sounds including, ring mod, synth, octave up or down tunable to the note/key you desire.

Chorus/Vibrato Footswitch: Footswitch allows you to switch between both the chorus settings and the vibrato with the tap of the foot instead of a mini toggle switch.

Available Sounds:
Simply by twisting and turning the various knobs you can get the Run Rabbit Run Vibe to emulate various sound effects like:

• Vibe
• Chorus
• Phaser
• Vibrato
• Ring Mod
• Octave

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  1. An amazing pedal that met my every expectation. It took some time to dial in but once I found the sweet spot I could leave it and forget it. It does indeed chop the low end as you should expect with any true vibe so I highly recommend a compressor prior to the Run Rabbit Run such as the Reactor. If you are using single coils use your favorite tone and drive pedals to fatten your signal before it hits the Run Rabbit Run. I bought directly from McCaffrey Audio and Ryan personally reached out to me so major kudos to Ryan and his team for working with me via phone and E-mail! Amazing customer service which means the world to me!

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