Green Vodka MuffAt the heart of the pedal is a circuit that is close to the early 90’s Sovtek era green muffs. I tried to nail that Russian sweetness with some of my favorite mods…including my own custom mods…to make the hammer and sickle red with envy!


The Green Vodka is our take on what the big military green Russian-made Muff’s would be like today. I actually built forty working prototypes before deciding on this circuit. Week after week I would build a prototype and take it to band practice and play and listen over and over. The day came when BOOM!! I was suddenly heard in the mix and had the pedal on!! Now that is pretty darn rare in my findings with a Muff style pedal. No more getting lost in the mix as soon as you engage your muff style pedal. The Green Vodka cuts like a seasoned surgeon through the most mid heavy mix. You can get the classic Russian muff sound but so much more. Used by many of our customers, artists and friends in the industry as an overdrive, distortion in addition to the fuzz she was built to be. This has been one of our most popular pedals hands down.


Neutrik Jacks

Power: Negative center 2.1mm standard 9V power supply.

Transistor based fuzz with symmetrical clipping.

Sustain: Increases/decreases the amount of fuzz/drive/gain. This isn’t your ordinary muff clone. Try it in different positions to get everything from classic green muff sounds to modern chunk!

Tone: Controls the highs and lows of the pedal. Has a very wide sweep and works in conjunction with the Volume control.

Beef Switch: Two-way switch on the top left of the pedal. Right is the “stock” mode and left will allow you to cut through the mids even more.

Pass Switch: This is a three-way toggle switch that was conceived with the many mods that I used to do on Big Muffs that folks sent in looking for a high/low pass filter mod. Middle position is “stock” with no lows added. Left is some lows added and right is the most lows and bass response added to the signal.

Suggested Settings:

Green Muff– Volume to 11:00, Sustain to 2:00, Tone to 1-2:00. Beef switch to left position and Pass switch to middle position.

High Gain Green Machine– Volume to 10:00, Sustain to 5:00, Tone to 3:00, Beef to right and Pass to left.

Over-Muff– Volume to 1:00, Sustain to 11:00, Tone to 2:00, Beef to left and Pass to right.


  1. This is definitely a top notch Big Muff style fuzz. At its core, it sounds just like you want a Russian style BMP to sound – but the additional switches also gives it more versatility and character. The switches make subtle but effective changes, allowing you to dial in different BMP voices that not only work well with different guitars and amps, but also allow you to cut through the mix much better than other fuzz/distortions. It doesn’t have that blanketing ‘wall of gain’ like some do, it much more enhances the tone of your guitar and amp. Also the graphics, printing and enclosure are all very professionally done.

  2. Probably one of the coolest pedals I have tried in a long time. In high school I had a big muff pie, which when I saw this green tank… I thought of immediately While you can get that scoopy mid range and crunchier tone, there is way more than meets the eyes with this pedal. I used it in various settings to get a weezer like harmonic fuzz, and all the way to a great overall dirty distortion off my clean channel. The tone adjustment has a GIGANTIC tonal range. My biggest fear in using fuzz type pedals is that you lose the bottom end of your sweet spot for mid range. The beef and pass options give you a great ability to grab more low end for a velvet revolver tone playing through vintage 30s, or playing melodic weeper solos that have to cut through the mix without screaming from your cab. This pedal is a big tone monster with serious range for any utility player.

  3. Great Pedal! Versatile & Cutting! I was looking for a pedalboard friendly RBM and this surpassed it!! Also great packaging! Very Happy!

  4. Of course, all the classic green Russian sounds are present a biting, yet smooth tone that s equal parts lead, rhythm, sustain and stomach-rumbling fierceness.

  5. I use this on bass and its absolutely the best fuzz for it. You cut through the mix and can still hear that its a fuzz. The Beef and Pass switches are a genius addition. You will not be disappointed with this pedal.

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