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The Reactor Boost Compressor was truly born by the demands of the people! I was never a big compressor guy. I had numerous requests for various compressor builds over a three month period. I decided to see what all the fuss was about!!!

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One very cold Wisconsin winter I was suddenly bombarded with demands for compressor builds. Having never been a big fan of compressors myself I set out on a journey finding the “perfect” compressor and in the end myself… Well maybe the “myself” part is pushing it just a bit. 😉 I did find a couple of key things with the many great, okay and just bad compressors. First being that they either favored single coils or humbuckers but never both and the second being, just too much squish. I wanted a compressor that played nice with all guitars regardless of race, creed or color and didn’t have to be placed at the end of your signal chain with a delay and muff style pedal! I wanted a compressor that did more! In the end the Tite Line and now the Reactor was born. This pedal borders on illegal in many states because it just aint right, but man is it cool. Compression? YES! Boost?? YES! Enhancement of your overall tone? You best believe! This is a unique pedal that rides the line on three different pedal concepts. Again this pedal has been a fan and artist favorite since she was born.


Neutrik Jacks

Power: Negative center 2.1mm standard 9V power supply.

Single dual op-amp effect with J-Fets and a single diode towards the end of the circuit.

Level: Increases/decreases output volume of pedal. Increase the level and notice how the pedal starts to push the front end of your amp and other pedals.

Fusion: Affects the amount of compression and drive when the level is increased.

Critical Mass Switch: Three-way switch that adds bass response to the effect. Middle is the stock or “jangle” position. Adds a bit O’ snap to pick’n. Left adds just a bit more bass response. Right adds the most bass response.

Mad Dog’s Favorite Setting: Put this in front of your slightly driven amp and enjoy with a fine cigar!

Level to 5:00 or the max setting.

Fusion to 10:00

Critical Mass switch to the left position.

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Product Demos

Demo by Brett Kingman

Demo by 60 Cycle Hum Podcast

Demo by Rogue Guitar Shop

Demo by McCaffrey Audio

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2 reviews for Reactor Boost Compressor

  1. Jack Fossett

    This is a very cool and very dynamic/versatile pedal. I like that it does both boost and compression very well, and its easy to dial it in one way, the other, or both simultaneously. It sort of begs to be experimented with in different places in your signal chain. It has can be a powerful, transparent boost. Sometimes the compression is so subtle that its much more function over fashion, but the compression can also get vintage squishy. Also the three way bass selector switch makes it easy to adjust for either humbuckers or single coils. It works well with other pedals, but its also a really cool tool for someone who just likes to push an old tube amp – it has enough power to get an amp grinding on its own, and also just squeeze the signal enough that you get to that classic tone from many famous rock records.

  2. Peter Alinovich

    I was never a big compressor guy either probably because the ones I tried were too over the top. I just picked up a Reactor and wanted to let you know that you nailed it. This is one of the rare effects pedals that I would call a “magic box” and it will be on all the time. It’s almost like it was designed for me. I love what it does. Thank you and best of luck.

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